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SKAID - sport connects

Skaid is an Austrian social project founded in march 2017 in Innsbruck out of the urgent necesarity to actively do something for people who are in need and connect with them.

Also our aim is to act against the current and very worrying development of mistrust and discrimination of people from other cultures and social backgrounds.

Instead of underlining the differences we want to show that it really doesn't matter where people are from to have some serious fun together!​​


​​Our means - skateboarding together

Our way of showing that a shared passion knows no borders is to connect people through the shared experience in sports! Skateboarding is the perfect means because it is a community in which it really doesn't matter where you're from, whether your privileged or not or what you do or did in your life - it's all about the mutual experience of sharing success and failure, pain and joy!

Skateboarding opens the possibility to connect with people all over the world through the shared passion. Also it is a sport that contributes a lot to the people's identity: we want our participants to be able to say: "I m a skater" instead of identifying with the stereotypes of refugee, migrant, orphan or whatever stereotype. This identification will help them create a healthy self-esteem, help them to act with confidence and further will also change the way they are perceived by society.

It can also be seen as a metaphor for life: trying hard, showing consistency, facing pain, experiencing success and failure and to always stand up for the fun of it - if that's not a true and beautiful lesson of life nothing is.


(...) we want to show that it really doesn't matter where people are from to have some serious fun together!

​​​​Our program

Skaid provides weekly skateboarding lessons for teenagers and young adults from difficult social backgrounds. Most of our boys had to leave their countries because of war or insecurity and came to Austria to seek for a better life.

Within the project we do not only go skating with them once a week but also organize trips to other Austrian skate spots, go skiing together and help them with whatever question they have regarding the working market, cultural irritations or the like.

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