Pia Koenig

founder & project manager

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Hey, I'm Pia! I'm a studied psychologist and sports scientist from Germany. For 10 years I have been living in my home of choice, Innsbruck, Austria.

I founded SKAID in spring 2017 when I had spent some time abroad, finished my studies and couldn't make excuses for not taking action in the refugee crisis anymore . I had been thinking about starting a project but didn't quite know how and at first didn't find people with the same motivation ("no time, no need").

I finally found the courage to start the project on my own and am now very very happy to have found lots of support by the local skate community and a team that is skilled, funny and above all kind hearted from top to toe.

As I watch our young participants improve I really get the impression that SKAID will help them to find their place in our society and will contribute to their growing into self-confident adults.

My wish is that they will be able to identify with something else than just cultural background or nationality and that through that shared identity and passion they will find friends anywhere in the world they might go in the future.

Tun Kintzele


trainer, graphic design, good soul since the very beginning

Hi, I am Tun, one of the trainers at SKAID. I have been skateboarding for about 18 years now, i can‘t remember for sure. The only thing i am sure about though is that I loved skateboarding since day one and could not let it go. It is a fun sport with lots of room for creative self expression.

That‘s something I always wanted to share. A lot of the kids that I train now never stood on a skateboard before they came to Innsbruck, and now they explore the city with a board under their feet nearly on a daily basis. That also makes me a proud trainer! Besides skateboarding i am working as an architect in Innsbruck.

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Josefa Friedel

project coordinator Skaid Climb

Hey, I'm Josefa, 33 years old and I've been living in Innsbruck since 2017. I'm working on becoming an art therapist and live and social counselor. Sine spring 2021 I'm part of the SKAID team. I'm supporting Pia doing the project coordination for Skaid Climb and helping in the organization of our projects. I'm a colourful and open person, always interested in new experiences and educations. My motivation to become part of the project is the belief that sport is a strong method to connect people from different backgrounds. I think all sports should be available for everybody, no matter what their life looks like. I love being outside in the mountains, go climbing, take risks and overcome my fears. Those are experiences that help so much in building up self-esteem and a positive view on life. I want to share this experiences with the young people. It makes me happy to see our participants having fun climbing and watch them evolve!

Anna-Katharina Striegl
trainer, organizational support

Holaaaaa, my name is Anna and if I'm not pushing on my skateboard through Innsbruck, you can find me giving skaid classes or organizing stuff in our office. My absolute dream trick would be a FS smith grind... working on that haha. What I love most about skateboarding is that you can see cities like huge playgrounds and see new obstacles on every corner.

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