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Starting a project out of the blue - especially a social one in times where the public interest in supporting social causes seems to fade - it takes a lot of courage, heart and hard work.

But as important is  the communities back-up!

Skaid has received that support and we are very very happy and thankful for that!

This project wouldn't be possible without the positive mindset of the local skating and non skating community, our participants' passionate dedication to learn skateboarding and to watch them improve and have fun and the nice and encouraging words of our friends and relatives!

In this part of  our website we want to give our supporters and participants the opportunity to say something about the project!

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"For me, Skaid represents the right values. It helps people in need and stands for same mindset as skateboarding itself. It does not matter, where you are from, what religion and social status you have. When Pia asked me to be a part of this project, I immediately wanted to be involved."

Raoul Negri, former trainer

"My name is Ali*. I'm from Syria and I've been living in Austria for almost

two and a half years. I came here because of the war in Syria. What makes me happy

in life is skateboarding. Since one year I'm skating with the SKAID group. Back in Syria I didn't skate because there is no such thing. Skaid is a very cool group, I learned everything with them and now I am able to do a lot of things. We went on holidays together and we went skiing and snowboarding. Skaid is important to me, because I can learn a lot and I know many people through skateboarding. We meet every sunday and skate in Tivoli, Landhaussquare and other skateparks. Pia is our chef and she and the trainers are very nice and good. The trainers help us so we won't fall and can achieve everything we want. I am very grateful for that and also want to thank my best friend Omar*."


Ali*, first generation participant

*name changed

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"In my eyes the world should be an open playground, free to everyone. As a cinematograph and athlete I’ve traveled the world and always met people with same interests, which connected us immediately. There was no single place where I was not welcome. Everywhere people greeted me with friendship. Why shouldn't we act the same way here in our home place? When Pia first came up with the idea of building a social project for improved integration, I was immediately excited. As I experienced for myself, sport is a great way to connect people. So we got this thing rolling. I’m super happy to be part of skaid and always enjoy filming the skaiders and their local trainers to push the project and the idea of an open world."

Marinus Höflinger, cinematograph

"Seeking for a better life, many teenagers had to leave their countries - with or without their families. Unfortunately, lately there has been a tendentially negative reporting about refugees, instead of underlining the many bright spots happening as in people helping each other, talking to each other, being interested in each other. Many positive projects were born in order to help people get along in a new society and foster intercultural exchange and a friendly atmosphere between people. I am counting Skaid amongst these projects."

Florian also did a blog post on skaid. Check it out now:

​​Florian Breitenberger, photographer

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To be continued...

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