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SKAID ON - Five Years of SKAID

On 11 June we celebrated our fifth anniversary of Skaid - SKAID ON - at Landhausplatz Innsbruck.

We are still blown away by how beautiful the event was. Thank you to everyone who came by and celebrated with us. Also a huge thank you to everyone who helped sponsor us and left donations. It means a lot to us.

The five years have flown by so fast, but so much has happened too. What started as an idea to stand up against discrimination has now become a very recognised project in Tyrol and beyond. Through the project we have been able to meet different people, connect with each other and share our favourite activity, skating, with so many incredible people. Connections have been made that go beyond skating and for that we are incredibly grateful and proud.

Thank you to everyone who has accompanied us, supported us and skated with us over the past years.

Without you, Skaid could never have had such a reach and impact.

We have managed to stay true to our motto skating connects and overcome borders. We also plan to continue to fight discrimination and exclusion and to work for integration and equality.

Here's to more wonderful and memorable years!

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