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Skate class instead of gym class `21

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

On different days in October we had the opportunity to use the gym hour for a skate workshop together with about 60 girls* from the new middle school O-Dorf and the middle school Leopoldstraße. The target group was mainly socio-economically disadvantaged girls* between the ages of 12 and 15. Together with trainers from SKAID and sport teachers from the school, the girls* tried out skateboarding, a sport that was still unknown to many. The sessions took place at the Rum skate park and at Landhausplatz in the center of the city Innsbruck. Most of the participants were on the board for the first time and were motivated to take up the challenge and try something new.

A few of the girls* discovered a new passion during this short session and are now taking part in the Sunday skate course for girls*. We are very happy about this and are motivated to start a new skate season with many motivated girls*!

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