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What happened in 2020/2021 (so far)?

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

The last Corona year has had us - as most of people - quite confused. During lock-down times it was not possible for us to do courses with the participants. We had to work with video tutorials and tried to keep in contact through our course chat. Nevertheless it was hard to reach many of them, as some of them didn't have the necessary German knowledge to understand and write German yet. In all this chaos we failed to update this news blog. To let you guys know what happened we want to give you a short summary!


After the lock-down we were able to start the courses quite early, as we do not depend on sports facilities.

Skaid Trip Vienna

In August 2020 we did a Weekend Skate trip to Vienna! We skated different parks, went to grab a falafel wrap together and lost a Skateboard in the Donau. The boys got it back diving and did a jumping session into the river, as the board was already soaking wet :-)

Price of Diversity - City of Innsbruck

We were very happy when the city of Innsbruck honored us with the Price of Diversity. This price goes to projects that contribute to the cities public diversity and is endowed with 4000 Euro price money. They also organized a little party for us, with speeches, music and ice cream :-)

Skaid Climb

Since we saved some money as there were no skateboard courses possible because of Corona, we invested otherwise. It had been an idea for quite some time now, to open another project branch - climbing and bouldering. These sports make marginalized groups visible in a whole other environment - in the mountains. It also requires somebody to teach you how it works. This is classically your parents, other relatives or you would visit a course to learn it. For the group of socially disadvantaged kids and teens, its hard to get access to such sports. So in 2020 we bought all the necessary materials and started in summer 2021 to do workshops. The goal is to eventually establish a group that regularly meets for climbing, guided by experienced teachers.

On our first climbing day at Martinswand, Tyrol, the participants absolutely loved it!

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